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Our Paving and Asphalt Services


Paving Pros can take care of your personal driveway, parking lot, subdivision or city street. New asphalt over gravel, overlay existing asphalt, grade work, ditch work, culverts, we do it all. If you have any questions or need a service not listed below, contact us to find out how we may help you.

Res & Sub Paving
Aerial View of Suburban Street
Residential & Subdivision Paving

Paving Pros can do the complete job from removing the sod, doing the grade work, installing and compacting commercial base rock and installing and compacting the asphalt. For customers with problem areas such as wet weather springs or wet areas, we install French drains or culverts. If your driveway or subdivision needs a facelift, we can mill where needed, clean, prime, and overlay your asphalt.

Street, Rd, Parking Lot
Street, Road & Parking Lot Paving

On commercial lots with heavy-duty areas, we will have the ability to install asphalt in multiple lifts. We also have an infrared pavement restoration system that we use to repair damaged asphalt areas. If the area requires, we will saw cut to remove the damaged areas, replace commercial base rock and install asphalt. We can then use the pavement restoration system to blend old and new asphalt. We can clean, prime (apply tack coat so the old asphalt will bond to the new) and overlay your existing asphalt. When needed, we will use our milling machine to mill the old asphalt to the correct depth for the overlay. We also have a small 4’ paver that can be used on cart trails or utility repairs.

High School Exterior
Seal Coating/Striping
Crack Filling/Infrared Repair
Seal Coating & Striping

Want to extend the life of your asphalt pavement? Seal coating protects your asphalt before it gets cracks and potholes.

Sunlight breaks down your asphalt, weakening it and loosening the top surface. Your asphalt changes color from black to gray and cracks start to appear. Cracking can be caused by the freezing and thawing cycle and damage from the sun and moisture. When asphalt is allowed to dry out and is not protected by seal coat, your cracks will become potholes. A periodic preventive maintenance program helps protect and extend the life of your pavement. We will clean your existing asphalt and seal coat it using our emulsion sealer that penetrates about 1/8" deep.

We can also layout and paint parking lines and symbols however you desire.

Image by Andrei Slobtsov
Crack Filling & Infrared Repair

Repairable cracks will be cleaned with our Grazor crevice cleaner and heat torches to remove dirt and vegetation. The cracks will then be filled with our commercial-grade rubberized hot crack filler using our oil jacket heat pot which forces the hot crack filler into the cracks. This method fills the crack from the bottom up. We use top of the line Crafco rubberized hot crack filler.

Paving Pros has an infrared pavement restoration system that we use to repair damaged asphalt areas. This system allows us to blend old and new asphalt.

Image by Abhishek Pawar
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